Primary Music! started as a pilot program in 2007 to reintroduce a centralized music curriculum to the IUSD Kindergarten through Third Grade classrooms. Although the California educational budget has had a dramatic impact on the music and art programs across the state, the parents and community in Irvine continue to give life to music in the schools.  Donations made to the Irvine Public Schools Foundation, a non-profit that supports the Irvine Unified Schools District, support Primary Music!.  Thanks to the Irvine Public Schools Foundation for making this program a priority and showing the value of a vibrant, fun musical education.

Is music important at this age?
Is it ever! The K-3 age is arguably right in the middle of a child’s formative years of development and learning. There are countless studies detailing the benefits of music on the development of critical thinking, speech, mathematics, and the psyche. Music helps children who lack confidence to come out of themselves and do something they wouldn’t otherwise be part of. Music offers children the opportunity to work together to create something that is both satisfying for themselves and valued by others.

Beyond all the studies and statistics, music is an expression of the soul. It breathes beauty. It inspires. It can make you laugh, change your attitude, make you dance, make you cry. Music is the universal language. Music is something that needs to be nurtured and encouraged. That’s what Primary Music! is about.

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