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My child only sings low tones. How do I help?

Singing is both a natural and learned behavior.   Everyone is born with the ability to sing, yet, singing is a skill that has to be nurtured.

We have four ways to use our voices: Singing, Speaking, Shouting, Whispering.  When we speak, we use the lower range of our voices and children often carry those low tones into their singing voices.  However, singing involves an extended range of tones both above and below typical speech.  In music class we play games and explore sounds to help get use our full singing range and to differentiate from our shouting and speaking voices.  Here are some the exercises we use in class (it’s really fun to try out at home as well!):

  • Make sirens from high to low like a firetruck.
  • Be a cat and make high “meows.”
  • Be an owl that says “hoo.”  First be an daddy owl with a low voice.  Then be a mommy owl with a high voice.
  • Use an instrument like a slide whistle to listen to and identify high and low sounds.
  • Remind your child that singing “higher” is not necessarily singing louder.  Sing lightly, don’t shout.

If you need a little laugh, you can hear a clip from our Kindergarten/First grade lesson on high and low sounds.

“All children can and should learn to sing.” Jean Ashworth Bartle, Sound Advice