Mrs. Held

Mrs. Held started teaching music at age 16, with her first private clarinet student.  Teaching music has always been her dream and she joined as many music groups as she could at Fallbrook High School in San Diego County. Mrs. Held began teaching professionally in Flagstaff, AZ after earning her Bachelor of Arts in Music Education and Clarinet Performance at Northern Arizona University.  A job at Buena Park High School teaching band and choir brought her back to her family in California and lead to another job at Nicolas Jr. High in Fullerton in 1996.  During this time Mrs. Held earned a Master’s degree in Music Education from the American Band College in Ashland, Oregon, where she met her husband.  After taking a break from teaching to stay home with her newborn son in 2003, she took part time teaching positions and eventually landed in Irvine.  Today she is thrilled to be working solely in Irvine teaching primary music and vocal music. She believes that Irvine is one of the best places to teach because the students are wonderful and music is supported by everyone from the parents to the teachers to the administration.  Mrs. Held lives in Tustin with her husband and two children.


Schools: Beacon Park, Brywood, Culverdale, Deerfield, Eastshore, Greentree, Northwood, University Park